UPMC INTERNAL USE ONLY: This site is intended for a UPMC department/entity seeking to place a student in an externship at a UPMC owned and operated facility. 

An externship provides an individual with an unpaid clinical or non-clinical experience tied to a formal education program of a school by integrated coursework or the receipt of academic credit. Externs are not paid by UPMC for their externship and are categorized under a non-staff classification. Student experiences outside of this scope should be managed by the hosting UPMC department/entity.

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Regardless of the student's employment status at UPMC, an affiliation agreement with a school is required prior to arranging a student placement in an externship. The UPMC Center for Continuing Education in the Health Sciences (CCEHS) is responsible for consummating affiliation agreements for student externships. It is the responsibility of the UPMC hosting department/entity to understand and follow the File UPMC Student Affiliation Agreement Guidelines.docx prior to arranging a student placement in an externship.

List of Affiliated Schools

Placements in an externship can ONLY be arranged after an affiliation agreement is fully executed.  Please check the List of Affiliated School or email studentagreements@upmc.edu to confirm whether an affiliation agreement is active for the applicable school and/or program of the school.

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Health and Safety Requirements

No student or faculty will be permitted to begin participation in any clinical or educational experience at UPMC owned and operated facilities until the File health and safety requirements have been satisfied.

The hosting department/entity or site may impose additional health and safety requirements based on the specific student experience.  These requirements must be communicated by the UPMC liaison to the School, or directly to students and faculty, as appropriate.

New Request

An affiliation request form [TO BE DEVELOPED] must be completed for all new agreements (i.e., no current affiliation agreement exists between UPMC and school) and should be submitted at least 6 months prior to the anticipated externship start date. IMPORTANT: Please review Student Agreement Affiliation Guidelines [TO BE DEVELOPED] prior to submitting a new affiliation request form.


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