According to the PA State Board of Nursing, Registered Nurses must complete 30 hours of Board approved continuing education (CE) during the time-period designated by the expiration date of the RN’s license.  Of those 30 hours, 2 hours must be Board-approved continuing education in child abuse recognition and reporting. The CE content must meet the requirements delineated by the Board and administered by a Board-approved provider including accredited hospitals and health care facilities. The CE for license renewal in PA does not need to be accredited by the ANCC. For additional information visit  PA State Board of Nursing.

DISCLAIMER: It is the learner’s responsibility to understand the requirements of the applicable association, state and/or specialty and adhere to them precisely. In addition, i​​​​​​t is the learner’s responsibility to verify the type of credit awarded by looking in the course brochure, flyer, advertisement, handout, etc. for the applicable accreditation statement.