Thank you for participating in the Enhancing Teaching Skills Webinar over the last two years.  We are interested in hearing more about your needs and preferences for faculty development while we plan for next year.  We appreciate your willingness to complete this brief survey.  The survey should take 10 minutes or less.


Maggie Benson, MD MS
Clinical Assistance Professor                                           

Barbara Barnes, MD MS               
Associate Dean for Continuing Medical Education                                                                                                              
Vice President of CME, UPMC                    

Not at all interestedSomewhat interestedNeutralSomewhat interestedVery Interested
Teaching clinical reasoning
Teaching procedures
Teaching evidence-based medicine
Teaching principles of quality improvement and patient safety
Evaluating resident performance using a Milestones framework
Diagnosis and remediation of a problem or struggling learner
Curriculum development
Curriculum evaluation
Mentoring residents in career goals
Mentoring residents in scholarly projects
Writing letters of recommendation
Turning medical education activities into scholarship
Medical education journal club