A Story of Hope

March 25, 2021

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In this presentation, Sociologist, best-selling author, and mother of 5, Bertice Berry, Ph.D. argues that how we tell our story is we are living our lives. “If we can tell better stories, we can live more productive, harmonious, and peaceful lives,” Berry says.

Sociological Story Telling, or using a story as a means of understanding, connecting, and belonging is finding a new place among scholars and business leaders. However, Berry points out that it is also an effective tool for empowering its users to present the self they want and need others to see.

Using her unique blend of storytelling and humor, Berry will make you think and feel.


Target Audience

This presentation will be appropriate across all levels of the system – including those in, social worker field, child welfare, juvenile justice, human services, direct service, administration and support, education, and policymaking.

Learning Objectives

At the completion of the presentation, participants should be able to:

  • Describe tools for effective Storytelling.
  • Apply storytelling for framing the way others see you and the way you see yourself.
  • Review tools for understanding the impact of the larger societal forces (macro-level) on the life and behavior of the individuals it impacts (micro-level.)
  • Demonstrate the awareness of cultural differences and the impact they have on how you tell and hear a story.

Additional Information

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Course summary
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  • 1.50 APA
  • 1.50 ASWB
  • 1.50 Attendance
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03/25/2021 - 2:30pm EDT
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03/25/2021 - 11:59pm EDT
Bertice Berry, PhD-3/25/2021-2:30-4 pm-Virtual Presentation
Pittsburgh, PA
United States

Bertice Berry, Ph.D., is a Sociologist, best-selling author, lecturer, educator, and mother of five. Berry has had her own nationally syndicated television show and has hosted, interviewed and made numerous television, documentary and radio appearances on a variety of diverse venues including The Tonight Show, Oprah Winfrey, Between The Lions, Crossfire, 20-20, NPR, PBS, and Comedy Central and CNN. Berry is author of many books including The Ties that Bind: A Story of Race, Memory and Redemption. Berry has used her unique gifts and talents as a writer and ghostwriter for others on a wide range of topics including race and gender issues, sociological studies, stratification, healthcare reform, humor, spirituality, sexuality, slavery and the abolitionist movement, weight loss and wellness, relationships, servant leadership, transformational leadership, diversity and love.

After completing the evaluation:

APA (psychology)



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Available Credit

  • 1.50 APA
  • 1.50 ASWB
  • 1.50 Attendance


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