The following is an outline of the process and important resources to assist course planners with the planning and implementation of live accredited continuing education activities.

    Please allow a 5-day turnaround for documentation requiring CCEHS review and approval. 

    Section One: Pre-course

    A. Management of Conflicts of Interest (COI)
    As part of the application process, you were required to submit COI Disclosure Forms for the planning committee and a COI Grid for Planning Committee (if applicable). In addition to managing COI for the planning committee, you are required to manage the COI for speakers anyone else in control of content. For this reason, it is important for you to review the Management of COI guidelines,

    B. Guidelines on Receiving Support from an Ineligible Company (Commercial Interest) - most commonly Grants and Exhibits
    *If you are not soliciting external funding, skip this section. Note: Tuition is not considered external funding in this instance.
    Please review the guidelines PRIOR TO soliciting funding. There are strict guidelines and timeline requirements. 

    C. Other Requirements, if applicable

    D. Marketing
    Marketing includes all promotional materials or announcements. All marketing materials require CCEHS review/approval prior to release.

    E. Registration System
    The CCEHS registration system offers the functionality to collect registration income and manage enrollments. To view an example, visit The registration system includes features such as a confirmation email and enrollment reports. If you are opting to use the CCEHS registration system:

    Prior to opening the registration page, your CCEHS contact will need the following information:

    • Agenda (including breaks, start time and adjournment)
    • Faculty List including credentials
    • Cancellation Policy
    • Registration fees/categories
    • Accounting information (please work with your CCEHS contact)

    To get started, please answer the following questions (copy and paste in an email to your CCEHS contact).

    • As part of the process, you will receive a direct link to the course to be used for marketing purposes. In addition, do you want the activity to be posted on the CCEHS catalog for anyone to access?
    • What date do you want to close registration?
    • Do you need to include any enrollment questions (e.g., breakout sessions, dinner options, etc.)?
    • Do you have an image you want to include on the landing page?

    F. Fees
    Your CCEHS contact will provide notification of the fee and an invoice, if applicable. Fees may apply in the following scenarios:

    • If an activity is jointly sponsored by an outside organization
    • If an activity receives external funding (e.g. tuition, educational grants, exhibits, etc.)
    • Use of the registration system to collect income

    Section Two: Day of Activity

    G. Audience Disclosure
    The audience must be provided specific information prior to engaging in the activity. This is referred to as audience disclosure and must be in a format that can be maintained. Audience disclosure must be review/approved by CCEHS.

    H. Managing Enrollment, Attendance and Awarding Credit
    Enrollment is the process for recording attendance. This is an important step because the attendee will not be able to claim credit until they are enrolled. As the contact for this course, you will work with your CCEHS contact to determine the most appropriate option and you will be responsible for providing the learners with instructions.

    How does the learner receive credits: 

    Section Three: Post-Course

    I. Final course budget, if applicable
    A final course budget is required if you received external funding such as grants or exhibits. Your CCEHS contact will confirm if you are required to provide a course budget.

    J. Access reports (e.g., evaluation, enrollment, order)
    Your CCEHS contact will provide you with the necessary reports or access to view/download reports, as applicable.

    Section Four: Additional Resources

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